How to Draw a Pie

Everyone loves eating sweet pies. A lot of people are also eager to learn the art of drawing an image of a pie. As part of our Food category, we would like to teach the art of drawing the perfect pie.

Whatever the filling for these pie’s filling, the core principle of drawing the dessert will not change. As per tradition, we split this article into simple steps, marking each stage with red lines to ensure the utmost ease and efficiency for the readers.

So, if you’re sure that your preferred art tools are available and you are ready to begin creating the shape of a pie.


Step 1

Let’s begin drawing the pie using a simple oval. Try to draw this circle the most symmetrical and even. To determine the symmetry, take a look at your drawing through the mirror. Also, one of our earlier articles on the symmetry of a donut and donuts donut started with the same oval.




Step 2

Within the first oval create a second one however, it is smaller. It should be shaped similarly to the one of the oval drawn in the initial stage however, the only difference is that it shouldn’t be quite as large horizontally.




Step 3

In this phase of the tutorial on drawing the outline of a pie, we’ll shape the appearance of this gorgeous dessert. To do this, you must accurately sketch the bottom of the pie, like in our illustration.




Step 4

Let’s design the appearance that the cake will have. Let’s begin with the rim, which will surround the whole pie in the form of a circle. Create texture by using a vast amount of lines that are transverse.




Step 5

We’ll now get into the texture of the top that makes up the pie. To draw this, sketch an extensive number of intersecting lines that are at the angle of an acute.




Step 6

Now, let’s clean up the sketch of the pie. Use an eraser to carefully eliminate all guidelines that are not needed from the drawing, leaving it neat and clean.




Step 7

To make the pie look an even more vibrant and full look, we’ll use colors. Paint the dough with a shade of sand and then paint its filling pink. We picked this color since we are fans of cherry pie, but you could color the filling any color.




If the method of learning to draw the perfect pie appeals appealing to you, make certain to go through our entire Drawing “menu” from the Food category to learn how to draw a variety of foods including the apple and hot dogs. Remember that the knowledge gained from this, and other lessons from the category of Food can be extremely helpful should you decide to draw a still life.

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