How To Draw A Pheasant

How To Draw A Pheasant

Step one:

Let’s begin as we do every time beginning by following the basics of guidelines and forms. The shapes you draw are for your body and head. Once you’ve completed that drawing, you can then add the guidelines for neck, leg , and tail.

Step two:

The next step is to draw the shape of the pheasant’s head and beak. It is turned in such a way that the bird is looking towards its back. The lining of the head should be stiff for the feathery makeup.

Step three:

Draw the feathery band that runs along the neck’s base and then trace the outline of the eye. Add scratches on the lower portion of the neck, and draw a line within the eye.

Step four:

It’s now time draw the outline of your body. Begin with the lower part of the neck, and draw an egg-like oval to represent the pheasant’s head. When you’re done, draw the tail feathers of the pheasant which are thick, long and layers. The back of the thigh is ruffled by the feathers with shorter lengths.

Step five:

Then you should draw the wings. It’s extremely round and bulky and is covered with feathers. The pheasant is finished with the feet and legs and erase any mistakes and guides prior to finishing the details.

Step six:

That’s it. You’ve successfully created a bird of prey. Now you are free to enjoy the process of coloring it.

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