How to Draw a Person

This guide will help you draw a person. This tutorial is very easy, as usual.

Drawing a person is not an easy task. We have broken down the process into 15 steps. Each step will be a simple object with simple lines. In the end, you will have a very realistic drawing of a person.

You will need to either have a pencil and eraser or paper handy to begin this lesson about drawing a person.


How to draw a person

Step 1: Draw the Basic Outlines

First, sketch the skeleton of your subject to be able to draw them accurately. You can draw the contours of the head and torso using simple lines. Draw a line from the spine through each of these three geometric shapes.




Step 2: Sketch the Limbs

Sketch the arms and legs in the same manner as the spine. Make sure to draw small circles around the joints.




Step 3 – Draw the Torso

Mark the lines that intersect to create facial symmetry. Next, draw the neck as a cylinder. Next, draw the torso in a rectangle shape with rounded corners.




Step 4 – Draw your arms

You need to draw the arms of a person in simple geometric shapes like cylinders or balls. You should use light, simple lines here.




Step 5 – Draw your legs

Go to the legs and draw the same. Make sure to draw the feet with simple, rough lines.




Step 6 – Draw your Face

Draw the eyes using the lines of symmetry you have previously drawn. Next, draw the nostril and lips. Do not forget to draw the eyebrows above your eyes.




Step 7: Draw your hair and neck

Use dark and clear lines to correct the jawline. Next, sketch the ear. Next, draw hair at the top of your head. Remember to draw muscle lines around the neck.




Step 8 – Detail your Torso

Draw the clothing on the torso using smooth lines. To make the drawing more realistic, add some folds to the fabric.




Step 9 – Detail your arms

Next, give the arms a complete look by applying the same crisp lines to them. Add some folds to the arms as shown in this example.




Step 10 – Draw your hands

Sketch the palm’s base first. Next, draw the fingers. This lesson on drawing the hand will teach you how to draw this intricate part of your body.




Step 11 – Detail your legs

You will now need to do the exact same thing with your legs. This is where you can use smooth and clean lines to give the legs a more finished look. Draw folds at the knee and bottom of the pants.




Step 12 – Detail your shoes

This stage is very straightforward. This stage is where you create the soles of your feet and give them a more polished look. You can also add laces or other details.




Step 13 – Remove the Construction Lines

All construction lines can be erased to make your personal drawing appear finished. To make your person’s drawing look more elegant and cleaner, you can darken its lines.




Step 14 – Color the person drawing

We don’t tell you how to color the drawing at this stage. You are free to use any color and tool you like. Shadows can be added to enhance the person’s appearance.




This person drawing lesson is only a starting point. This means that you can draw any person, including your friends and yourself, by using this lesson. You can simply change details to make the drawing more recognizable.

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