If you’ve been to the section “Animals” on our website or perhaps noticed that we created a few odd animals, like the Nasua or a Muskrat. However, today’s animal is likely to be one of the oddest we have on our website. This is why we’re going to teach you about drawing the Periophthalmus.

Step 1
Draw a long oval with an irregular shape. This is the part of our fish’s body. Then, draw a sketch of the fins.

Step 2
On top, draw two eyes that are convex. Then draw a froggy mouth and tail. Make the fins longer.

Step 3
By drawing lines that are clear, you can see your entire fish’s body the strange fish. Take out the lines that are auxiliary. Draw lines on the fins.

Step 4
Let’s add shadows by hatching. The hatches should be small and neat. Sometimes, the hatches have to be replaced by dots.

Today we created an unusual animal. Do you want to master drawing animals? If yes, then go into the section “Animals” on our web site. There are a lot of animals that are both unusual and common that you can discover the art of drawing.


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