Hello and welcome to the brand new drawing lesson developed through the organization 3dvkarts. Today, as you can see we will teach you what to draw in an e-cigarette bottle. This simple object is extremely easy to draw so in the following lesson, we will attempt to explain how to draw it. We’ve divided the lesson into three fundamental steps, and each will include very basic lines and a clear explanation.

Step 1
Parfum bottles, naturally, can come in any form, but for this lesson, we’ve decided to demonstrate the most basic to ensure that everyone can learn this lesson. Utilizing straight lines and dark lines create two rectangles, one on top of one another.

Step 2
Let’s transform the two rectangular shapes into something that looks more than a bottle of perfume. With a pair of long diagonal strokes, sketch out the reflection. Then, within the shape of the bottle by using unbalanced lines, you can create shadows. In addition, you are able to alter the design of your perfume bottle for example, including a logo or bubbles within.

Step 3
Let’s move to the top of our perfume bottle and add shadows. To the left, draw the glare by using a vertically curved line. On the right side, draw shadows by hatching. If you wish to make the shadows darker on the bottle, you can apply an additional layer of hatching.

If you have done everything right and followed the correct steps, your perfume bottle design will be like the image above. In reality, it was an easy lesson. The only issue was having to include shadows in the drawing. If you were able to master the lesson you just completed, you’re ready to move on to more challenging lessons, like those on the use of a cell phone or a woman. If you’d like to stay up-to-date with every update on our website, make sure to sign up to Deviantart, Pinterest, and Facebook.


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