How to Draw A Penguin

This tutorial will show you how to draw a simple Penguin.

Penguins birds use their wings to swim in the water instead of flying through the air.

Penguins eat fish that they catch while swimming with their beaks.

Their black and white plumage acts as camouflage, keeping them safe from predators like leopard seals and Orca whales.

Their white bellies blend with the bright sunlight and their dark backs disappear below in the murky waters.

Did you know? Penguins do not live at the North Pole. Nearly all penguins are found in the South Hemisphere of the Earth, just below the Equator. Only the Galapagos penguin is farther north.

Penguins don’t all live in snow. There are also small penguins that live on tropical islands, New Zealand, Africa and other warm places.

Some penguins can be held in one hand while others are nearly four feet tall.

How to Draw A Penguin Step-By-Step

1st Step:

Draw a circle. This will make the head of the penguin.

2nd Step:

Draw an oval that extends beyond the original circle. This will give the head more detail.

3rd Step:

Remove the guide lines at the top.

4th Step:

Draw an oval-shaped egg that overlaps the top of the head. This will create the body of the penguin.

5th Step:

From each side, draw a straight line just below your head. The line should be bent so that it crosses over itself twice and creates a triangle-shaped slanted shape. This will outline the penguin’s flippers. Draw a straight line from the center of each flipper to create a curved line.

6th Step:

Remove the guide lines starting at the point where the body and head overlap.

7th Step:

Draw your feet. Two lines should be drawn from the base of each foot. To form toes, connect the lines with several short, curving lines.

8th Step:

You can add detail to your stomach by creating an oval shape with a long, curving line. In the middle of your face, draw a small, upside-down triangle. This creates the upper part of the beak. The lower part of the beak is formed by enclosing a circle beneath it with a short, curving line. Next, draw two curves from the beak to reach the top of your head.

9th Step:

To form the eyes, draw a circle on either side of your beak. Draw a smaller circle around each eye. Shade between the circles.

10th Step:

Color your penguin. Penguins have black feathers on the bodies and wings. They also have white markings on their stomachs and faces.

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