how to draw a pencil

The most essential instrument for artists? Of course, it’s a pencil! In this tutorial, we’ll teach the user the steps to draw pencils.

We believe that every one of our readers at some point had thought about drawing the pencil. In some way or other, this guideline will prove beneficial, among other aspects for those looking to master drawing straight lines.

Step 1

In order to draw with a pencil, you need to draw two straight lines that are parallel. Make sure to draw these two lines using the ruler in order to understand the art of drawing these straight lines.




Step 2

Connect these two lines with two more straight but shorter lines. Then draw the sharpening line in order to reach the sharpening line of a pencil.




Step 3

Then we join the upper portion with a shorter and slightly curving line. Finish the third step with the creation of a ferrule with two lines that are similar to those we have drawn in the previous stage.




Step 4

Let’s make our sketch more like the pencil sketch. Start by drawing a graphite line. Then, draw an edge for the pencil with two lines.




Step 5

Then, on the top of the ferrule, draw transverse lines. Then, you write your logo onto the pencil. For us, it’s that of the website The name of our site is




Step 6

Eliminate the guidelines that are not needed and then darken the lines that are necessary for the event that the drawing appears to be too faded for you. Examine your drawing against ones created by the artists at If all is in the order you can move on to the last step.




Step 7

Pencils are available in a range of colors. Obviously, you can color it in your favorite. We have decided to paint our pencils in classic colors, so we created an orange body and an eraser in red.




Now, you have a pencil, not just in your palm, but on paper. If you enjoyed the instruction on drawing with a pencil, make sure to tell us about it. Make your comments in the comments section, we take them all in and will respond to numerous.

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