We keep pumping the art of drawing along in collaboration with the team from Today, we draw a new Marvel Universe character – a powerful superhero Thor. Marvel Universe Thor is based on the appearance of the god named Thor from Norse mythology. Thor was drawn by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby, and first was introduced in the comic books Journey into Mystery # 83 (1962). So, let’s get started on the tutorial and learn the art of drawing Thor.

Step 1
In the beginning, we have to sketch out the Skeletal structure of Thor. By drawing an oval, we can sketch the head. Draw an outline of the body by using smooth lines. Sketch out the Mjolnir. If you’re interested in learning more about the Hammer of Thor check out our drawing tutorial on drawing Mjolnir. Take a close look at the hand that holds a Hammer – it ought to be shorter than others because of the perspective (aimed towards us). Draw the outline of the rock on which is Thor.

Step 2
In this stage, we can increase the volume of the body of Thor. First, draw an outline of the facial lines. Be aware that these lines reveal facial symmetry. With ovals and circles draw knees and elbows. Draw legs and arms with the cylinders.

Step 3
Then draw the huge pecs and trace the longitudinal contours of your abdominals. Then draw your fists. The upper part of the cape has the appearance of long, plastic plate armor. With curved lines, sketch the outline of the cape. Draw long hair and a helmet. sketch out facial features with the lines of facial symmetry.

Step 4
Continue with the drawing lesson on drawing Thor. Create the face lines in the same way as in the image below. Draw a hairline on the head. Details draw hair long. Draw a circle on the chest, and trace the smaller details on the Hammer. Utilizing sharp and ragged lines create lightning. With long cross lines, sketch out the specifics that make up the armor legs and arms. Draw the specifics of the rock before moving on to the step.

Step 5
Now, we’re at the final step of the tutorial on drawing Thor. Apply the thick colors. They must be dark and thick. First, we draw the outline of the shadows. then draw the shadows’ areas. For semi-shadows make use of dark strokes and swift strokes.

The lesson was drawing on drawing Thor. We hope that this drawing lesson has helped you improve your drawing abilities. Remember, practicing is the foundation of manly. Goodbye!

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