We will begin with by tackling one of the more difficult and fascinating areas of art. We are talking about everything that has to do with drawing flowers.

There are a variety of diverse styles and methods of drawing. Today we’ll try to show the students how to draw the rose in a realistic way. We’ll attempt to make this tutorial accessible to artists of all levels.

Step 1
First, draw an oval, then taper upwards. This is the shape of the rosebud that will be in the future. In the middle of the oval, draw a line to serve as a reference for the stem.

Step 2
At the high point of your oval, draw an oval that resembles the comma. This would be the center of the flower. If you don’t want to draw a full-flourishing flower, then draw the shape in a very small size.

Step 3
Begin to draw the petals out from the center, like in our illustration. The petals that surround the central rosebud should be compact and tidy.

Step 4
With curved lines, draw petals. Each petal should be able to slightly overlap the one before it. As an example, the biggest part of the petal appears like an equilateral triangle. The part that is beneath and just to the right.

Step 5
Continue adding petals as we have shown. Keep in mind that the subsequent petal must be bigger than the previous one. This is the time to draw the petals with the largest outer edges. These should be the biggest on the bud and then frame the rest of the petals.

Step 6
The rosebud should now be smoother by slightly altering its shape. It’s similar to it’s the “waist” of a flower. It is the location in which the smooth narrowing is located.

Step 7
Remove the guidelines. Draw lines around them to smooth them out and clear them. Below the rosebud, draw Sepals (leaves).

Step 8
The stem can be widened as in our example. Be aware that the stem doesn’t need the straightness required. The stalk can taper and grow in various places. The stalk is not to be criticized.


Step 9
By using smooth lines and curved lines Draw leaves. As you can see, leaves need not be symmetrical in any way.

Step 10
With z-shaped lines, make the edges of leaves by drawing z-shaped lines. If you’re making a particular flower, you may leave out this step.

Step 11
Put thorns on the stem. Be aware that the spikes must be pointed straight upwards. The shape of the stem must be distinct and dark.

Step 12
Draw the veins of the leaves. Include shadows on the rosebud. Create hatching in areas that are which aren’t visible. The areas with the most convex shapes of the buds should be the tiniest.

Step 13
This is the time to apply some shadows to the stem and leaves. You should aim to create the smoothest and softness of shadows.

This was a drawing lesson on the art of drawing the rose step-by-step. We hope that the lesson was informative and useful to you. Through this step-by-step guideline, our team demonstrated the basic rules of drawing these gorgeous flowers. Using the information and techniques that you learn from this guide, you’ll be capable of drawing a variety of roses.

You can also draw the roses from various angles by using photographs and real roses. This can greatly improve how you draw the perfect rose.

Rose is among the most gorgeous as well as elegant blooms, the look of which is well-known to all. It is the reason it is the subject of intense interest from artists all over the globe. In this drawing instruction, we have tried to explain how to draw an elegant rose in the easiest and most easy way and get the most realistic results.

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