Hello! Today’s drawing lesson is dedicated to the most revered and noble professions in every society – doctors. we’ve prepared for you a course on drawing the doctor. Let’s begin the lesson.

Step 1
In the beginning, we have to sketch out the outline of the doctor’s skeleton. Then sketch out the head by drawing an oval. By drawing a line, you can trace the spine. This length is equivalent to the two head heights. Draw out the legs and hands. The leg’s height is equal to the spinal height.

Step 2
Let’s give some life to the face of the doctor. Make the lines that define facial symmetry. The vertical line helps us find where the facial center is. In the center, draw a horizontal line. This can help us make the eyes. Draw the line between the hairline and the nose. With a large cylinder, draw the body. Utilizing cylinders draw legs and hands.

Step 3
Draw the eyes, which are lies right to the line horizontal drawn in the prior step. Below the eyes, draw your nose. It is located along the horizontal line. Draw the smiley mouth. Utilizing a couple of curved lines draws the eyebrows.

Step 4
Draw the wrinkles as in our illustration. Draw the ears, which lie on the line of the eyes. Hair is drawn. Begin by drawing an outline for the hair. By using dark strokes, draw the hair. Draw the collar and neck of the shirt.

Step 5
Begin adding the specifics of the upper part which is the figure of the doctor. Draw details of the neckline, as well as the tie. The loose sleeves are drawn on the dress. Draw hands. If you’d like to learn more, you can visit our drawing tutorial on drawing hands.

Step 6
Take the guidelines off the hands and the torso. Mark the lines with a pencil, and then, smooth and neat. Make folds on the gown, such as in the example below.

Step 7
Remove the guidelines from the lower portion of the legs and body. Draw the lower portion of the dress. Include the pockets and buttons of the dress worn by the doctor. Draw a line on the legs and shoes.

Step 8
We’re nearing the end of the instructional on drawing the image of a doctor. Eliminate all of the instructions. Make sure to circle the lines so that the sketch is more clear. Make folds on the lower part that are part of the trousers. Draw the shoes, then move on to the next stage.

Step 9
This is the final step of our drawing class discussing drawing doctors. To create a 3D effect and realistic for the doctor, it is necessary to include shadows. First, we must identify the source of light. The light source is located in the upper right corner of the sketch. Therefore, we add shadows in the areas where light doesn’t drop. With hatching, create shadows.

We hope that this drawing lesson has helped you understand and learn how to draw the doctor. Drawing the physician from various angles and with different positions. It is only through practice that you will be able to develop your drawing abilities.

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