Hello dear artists. In our previous lessons, we taught our students what to draw with a pencil. This lesson will, just as you’ve seen, we’ll show the students the drawing process of a pen.

Step 1
Like in the lesson on pencils, we begin by drawing an extended rectangle using straight lines and dark lines.

Step 2
Draw two lines across the body. Draw a smaller rectangle on the lower edge of the pen.

Step 3
Continue to learn to draw the pen. This time we will sketch on the tip of the pen that is triangular.

Step 4
Then, at the end of your pencil, place the button and clip in our sketch.

Step 5
Then, using hatching, add shadows and glare to the pen’s surface.

The lesson focused on drawing an outline with a pen. As you can observe, we created an extremely complex pen. Through this lesson, you will be able to draw a more simple pen without the need for a clip or button (in appearance, it’ll look similar to the appearance of a pencil).


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