Every drawing lesson we provide you with ever-expanding varieties of nuts. Today we’ll show you how how to draw pecans step-by-step. Pecan is quite similar to walnuts in appearance. They are quite different in flavor, however, we are unable to draw the taste. If you’re skilled in drawing the shape of a walnut, you’ll succeed during this drawing class.


Step 1

In the initial step the first step, we rarely draw intricate things. At the beginning of this guide, we’ll draw a simple round shape that resembles an outline of bread. Draw this outline across a piece of paper.




Step 2

Draw the outline of the plates on this nut. Two large wide plates are located laterally. Another plate is located in the center.



Step 3

We remove the lines that are on the surface of the pecan. It is not essential to draw a large number of lines in order to improve the texture. The nut you draw will resemble the shape of a pecan when you apply many horizontal lines to the plates, as we did in our example.



Step 4

Shadows can be used to make our pecan-like appear more real. Shadows look like shorter shading that is situated close to the edges of each plate.


It’s not a very difficult tutorial on drawing nuts. In fact, we have a lot of lessons to learn from this. If you are swept by the craziness tell us and we’ll write posts on different topics.

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