It’s time to revisit a basic drawing of fruit tutorial. We’ve drawn plenty of different tropical and exotic species of plants.

Now we’ll draw the pear that is growing close to us. It’s time to remember an extremely adored and widely used fruit. Therefore we’ll explain drawing an apple. Of course, there are a lot of varieties of pear. However, we don’t have any knowledge of gardening. In order not to misunderstand anything we decided to draw a typical pear. In the real world, it could be quite tasty.


Step 1

The first step is to sketch the outline of the pear. If you try to make the sketch too smooth and symmetrical you’ll get a shape that is similar to the shape of a light bulb. This sketch is of the pear. It should be drawn using very thin lines. Be careful not to push too hard on the pencil as later on, we’ll make corrections or redo lines of the drawing of our pear.



Step 2

In the upper part of the drawing, we draw a stem as well as leaves from the pear. You can observe, that the lines drawn in the next part of the instruction on drawing the pear are also thin. To change the look of the appearance of your drawing, draw three or more leaves with different dimensions. This is what we did in our drawing guides for mangos.


Step 3.

We will now create a drawing of the pear appearing more natural and attractive. With dark and clear lines, trace the lines and then remove any additional guidelines from the drawing of the pear. Then, we’ll work with the edges of the pear leaf. We must create jagged edges. Additionally, in this step, we will draw the veins that run inside the leaf’s outline.


Step 4

In this last step, we draw shadows. This makes our drawing of peers more detailed and realistic. Shadows must be drawn with thick hatching. To create shadows that are darker make sure you add another layer of shading to the drawing. Don’t forget that you draw your shadows onto the surface.


The team would like to see that you can discover how to draw an apple by using our simple but very realistic drawing tutorial. This is a really vital tutorial, considering that the pear is one of the fundamental subject matter that every artist should learn to draw. The techniques and steps in this drawing guide to drawing this fruit on its own or as part of still life. Draw an attractive vase that has the juicy pear alongside an apple and a bouquet of grapes. You could also include small details like a knife, or cups to ensure that the still-life drawing will appear more natural and realistic. If you are not getting the most effective result, review the steps to pinpoint where you’ve missed a step. It is possible to go back to the initial step and draw an apple from the beginning, making sure you correct all mistakes and errors.

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