how to draw a peanut

The most basic instructions on are the ones where we teach you drawings of nuts. In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate the drawing process of an image of a peanut which is among the most popular nuts. The delicious nut is often seen on not just tables but also in cartoons. In this post, we would like to demonstrate how to draw peanuts as in these cartoons. There aren’t any super-complex lines or intricate details. With the aid of the five elementary phases, even the youngest one can learn to sketch peanuts.


Step 1

Let’s begin drawing the peanut using 2 simple circles. Don’t try to make it perfectly smooth. The lines shouldn’t be too dark because, in the near future, we’ll need to erase a portion of them.




Step 2

Connect the two circles by connecting two straight circles. In the next step, we’ll make an equilateral “waist” of our nut. Next, draw the top of the peanut as the artists have done in the photo below.




Step 3

Let’s create a typical peanut texture. To achieve this, draw various longitudinal lines, considering the curvatures of the nut. Then, draw several transverse lines creating a grid.




Step 4

Therefore, dear artists, we now need to remove the extra lines in the sketch in the event that they are left in the drawing, and then draw the sketch so that it appears large, clear, and visually appealing.

Step 5

Let’s add some color to our peanut art. The peanut was painted in the sand color typical of this peanut. It is possible to utilize colored pencils and felt-tip pens or paints to achieve this.




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