How to Draw a Peach

Today, we will demonstrate what you can draw from peaches. This tutorial is part of the articles that discuss drawing food items. In the previous article in this category, we have already explained how to draw the appearance of an apple, pear as well as other fruits. This tutorial will be like the other ones however, it will include several variations. Therefore, you should prepare the preferred art supplies that you have, be it an eraser and paper or a tablet with graphics, and start working.

Step 1

Then, draw a large circle. Don’t try to make it perfect even as peaches do not always appear perfectly round. Don’t try making the lines of the initial stage too dark, as in the following stages, we’ll need to erase a portion of them.




Step 2

With a short straight line, sketch the dimple that the stem develops. Then, draw the shorter portion of the stem as a circular figure. The peach body is done however we have to embellish the peach body a bit.




Step 3

Utilizing two lines, draw the leaf of the peach. Note that, like the apples’ leaves the peach’s leaf is more narrow and longer, and it appears to be a bit like the mango leaf.




Step 4

In the middle of the leaf draw the long line running throughout the length. After that, using a series of small strokes, draw the veins, just as the artists from did.




Step 5

Make sure you have an eraser, and then wipe away all guidelines that aren’t needed from the peach drawing. Utilizing more dark lines of pencil or ink draw the entire design to complete it and make it pleasing to the eye.




Step 6

Paints and colored pencils to color the peach orange. Paint the leaves green, and then the stem brown. By using some light hatching, you will be able to increase the volume and authenticity of the peach drawing.




Try to enhance your peach sketch by illustrating a few more vegetables in the background. It is also possible to add the addition of a Kiwi or donut on top of it to create a stunning still-life.

The course of drawing the shape of a peach has come to a conclusion. We’re waiting for your feedback on the website or on our social media networks. Join us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with everything happening on our website.

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