How To Draw A Peace Dragonfly

How To Draw A Peace Dragonfly

Step  one:

Begin by drawing outline and the shapes of your dragonfly, similar to the ones you can see here.

Step two:

Then draw the dragonfly’s body its entirety and as you can see, it appears much like the golf tee. Include the eyes and the ridged lines that run along the neck.

Step three:

The dragonflies come with two different sets wings. Draw the first set of wings in this step. They will be then you will draw the veins with ribbed lines across the wings.

Step four:

Draw the second set of wings, follow the process of detailing.

Step  five:

Finally, draw and color with a peace symbol. Make sure that the dragonfly is at the center on the central line. If there are any errors or visible guides, erase them immediately.

Step six:

This is it, you’re completed. Now , you are able to bring your own unique color to the lesson.

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