How to Draw a Peace Alien

How to Draw a Peace Alien

Step one:

Let’s begin by sketching the shapes and guides to create a frame for your peace mate.

Step two:

The second step should employ the head guide to sketch out the form of the alien’s head and after that draw the bandanna, using the smiley face in the middle.

Step three:

Then, draw the classic egg-shaped eyes using the glare lines off to the upper. After that, give the peace stranger a smile, and a dimple on the cheeks.

Step four:

This alien will be given shaggy hair, and then draw the peace fingers , which are small, chunky and enjoyable. It is possible to transform this alien into a female with a few hair extensions and the lashes.

Step five:

The next step is to draw the torso, which is made of the tee. Then, draw the arms on the other hand.

Step six:

Then draw the feet and legs that appear to be square. Then draw the ankle bones and flip-flops. You can also add some shading underneath the shirt’s lower part of the legs.

Step seven:

The final step you need create a peaceful icon on your shirt, with the form of a cloud beneath it. Remove the guides and mistakes as well.

Step eight:

The peace-loving alien is done. You’re now able to color it and chill.

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