How To Draw A Parakeet Step by Step || Parrot Drawing

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How to draw a Peregrine Falcon Step by Step

Step 1: Create the base for the body

Draw a slight slanted oval in the middle of your paper using a pencil. This will serve as the base for the macaw’s body.

Step 2: Draw the first section

Next, draw a thumb-like outline on the left. This will be the bird’s neck and head.

Step 3: Draw eyes, and then beak

The front eye should be drawn in the middle of the head. Draw the beak on your left side.

Step 4: Add wings to tail

Next, draw the wings on your right side. Below the body, add the long tail of the macaw.

Step 4: Draw your feet

Add the paws to complete the line drawing below the body.

Step 5: Complete your drawing

The shade of the macaw is a mixture of yellow and green with a touch of pink on its beak and black stripes. Be creative.


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