There are many amazing creatures in the world however, none are as stunning and beautiful to see such as the panther.

The predators are stealthy and deadly. They are found throughout the globe, on continents including Africa, Asia and South America.

They’ve also been viewed as an emblem of style and elegance and has prompted many learn how to draw panthers.

If you think you’re one of those the guide you’re about do is perfect for you!

How to Draw a Present

This step-by step guide on drawing panthers will enable you to have a lot of fun drawing this famous predator.

1st Step:

In this , the very first step of our tutorial to drawing panthers, we’ll be focusing on the upper part of the panther’s head.

Utilizing a curving line we’ll be drawing on the front of the head and then extend it to the neck and then back before proceeding to the curly side from the panther.

When you have the line drawn, it is possible to draw the face’s front part of the face. You can then draw specific details like the nose, eyes and mouth’s beginning. This is the final step and you’re all set to move on!

2nd Step:

The outline for the top part of the panther drawn So now we will begin to add specifics in this part.

In the beginning, make another bent line to complete the tail. From the bottom of the tail, extend another line of curved lines to complete the rear to the leg. On the bottom of this leg are four curved lines that will be used for the toes.

3rd Step:

In this section of our step-by-step guide on drawing the panther, you’ll be finishing the rear legs of the creature.

With the line you traced to start the back leg in the earlier step, you are able to extend an additional line that runs up over the foot.

The leg is likely to become slightly thicker as it grows into the upper thigh. You can then use an additional curvature to create your panther’s belly.

Then, draw the back leg of the other. It will appear very like the first however it will be a bit more forward in order to show the panther in motion.

4th Step:

The panther drawing you have created is beginning to look amazing already! In the next step, we will draw one of the front legs of the panther in this stage.

The lower portion of the leg is going to appear very similar to the lower half that are on the rear legs however the lower half will have a shorter length than the previous ones that were.

This is all you require for this step. In the next step we’ll finish the final details prior to coloring your sketch!

5th Step:

This is the fifth step of our tutorial on drawing an animal will focus on finalizing the drawing so that you are looking forward to coloring!

The first thing you need to do during this stage is to draw the last leg. The three legs you’ve drawn are already drawn and even though this leg will be similar to others, it’s slightly different because of the angle at which it’s drawn.

The leg will be elevated slightly to show the panther’s walking about.

After you’ve got that leg drawn, it is time to finish the head and face. To complete this task, you need to draw a tiny ear for it before you draw the head.

After that, you’ll draw the jaw that will be extended towards the mouth that is full of sharp teeth. There will be a few tiny details added to the body and face to finish it off.

This will be enough for the information in this guide, however, before you go on, you could also include your own ideas!

Maybe you can sketch a background that shows what kind of habitat the panther has been snooping around in. What creative ideas do you have in mind to add to your drawing?

6th Step:

The last step in your panther drawing is one in which you can color your sketch

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