How to Draw a Panther Tattoo

How to Draw a Panther Tattoo

Step one:

Let’s get going. Draw the shapes and guidelines to make the frame for your panther.

Step two:

Next, draw the shape of your muzzle. Fill it with crinkles to create the texture of your snarling mouth. Make sure to also draw the nose.

Step three:

Use the facial guidelines and the head to draw the shape of the panther’s faces. Next, draw the shapes of the eyes. As you can see, you will be adding details to the face. You also need to draw the long jaw shape.

Step four:

Next, draw your ears as shown and then detail your forehead.

Step five:

We will draw in the teeth and define the mouth, such as the tongue and gum lines.

Step  six:

Next, draw your front legs and paws. To add power to the beast, the claws should be extremely strong. To create the paw pads, add details to the legs and paws.

Step seven:

Now, we will draw the large skull where the panther lies. Make sure you draw the skull’s brow bones and add details to it. Give the entire drawing an intense look.

Step eight:

Now you can draw the background, color the sockets for eyes and nose, and then draw the whiskers for your panther. Once you are done, you can remove all visible guides and mistakes.

Step nine:

You are done! You can now color your drawing.

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