How To Draw A Pansy Flower Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.


Step 1

The only thing you need to do to begin the stage is to draw a huge circle, and then add guides to the middle like you can see.

Step 2

The next step you’ll sketch out the form of the petals, as the image below. The petals below are more rounded and fill more space. This is an inheritance trait that pansies have. The two petals on the lower side are dwarfed by the larger lower petal. The edges must also be the appearance of wavy.

Step 3

Then Draw the top two petals as shown first, then draw the leaf pieces from the pansy. Leaves should be curved with a slightly edge that is serrated, like you observe here.

Step 4

For the final sketch All you need to do is draw the inner lining, then add detail and definition to each petal , and then leave. Once you’ve finished then you can begin erasing the lines and the shapes you sketched in the first step.

Step 5

Once you’re finished you’ll be left with a stunning flower that looks like the one you can see here. It’s now time to color it with the shade you like best.

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