How to Draw a Panda Face

This tutorial will teach you how to draw the panda’s face. The Red Book lists the panda as one of the most beautiful rare animals. The panda is a member of the bear family and has the same lifestyle and habits as all bears. However, it differs from other bears in its unique black-and-white color. This color is what makes her so fascinating. The panda is the national symbol of China. World brands use her image for their logos. She is also a cartoon hero.


Step 1: Draw a basic outline

Let’s now see how to draw a panda’s face. First, draw a large circle. If you are creating a portrait, place this circle in the center of a piece of paper. This drawing can be done without any additional tools. This shape is not flat and perfectly symmetrical, as you can see.




Step 2: Draw the approximate outlines of your eyes

A pair of eyes is a good idea. These small, rounded forms look like two grains. This is an important aspect.




Step 3: Draw the Panda’s nose

Draw the nose. The nose of the panda is wide and flat. It’s quite far away from the eyes. Two oblique semicircles define the nostrils. The nose’s outer edges are defined by smooth, curved lines.




Step 4 – Draw the upper part of the mouth

Draw the cheeks of the panda. Many animals share a similar shape for their cheeks. It’s like two semicircles forming a smile. This is a common shape seen in many animals such as cats and dogs.




Step 5: Draw the lower part of the mouth

We will continue our guide on drawing a panda’s face. Next, draw the contours of the mouth with smooth arched lines. You can create a small triangle between your cheeks and the mouth, as shown in our sample.




Step 6 – Mark the Panda Spots

A panda’s most important feature is its dark spots around the eyes. You’re likely to have identified yourself with the panda if you’ve never slept more than two nights consecutively. Sleep is essential, so get some sleep right away. Next, draw the outline of the teeth and dark areas of this adorable panda.




Step 7 – Draw Panda Ears

Round ears are another important feature of a panda. Make a pair of flattened circles, slightly lateral to our panda’s top. To create thicker coats, use short shading.




Step 8 – Draw the texture of the wool

It is difficult to draw fur detail. If you are able to draw a realistic drawing, this is possible. We prefer a cartoonish style so we would suggest using the wool texture to draw only the outline.




Step 9 – Remove Extra Lines

Let’s give the panda an even more realistic and complete look. You can do this by carefully erasing any unnecessary guidelines and tracing the drawing to make it more expressive.




Step 10 – Color the Panda’s Face Drawing

To colorize your sketch, use a combination of white and black. This panda face drawing can be made more vibrant by adding shadows. You can see the white highlights in each eye. This detail gives the drawing a lively feel.




The work of drawing the panda is now complete. It was very easy to draw, but it is a great result. Our panda, or bamboo bear as it is sometimes called, looks adorable. As with all of our other works, we hope you enjoyed drawing the panda. There are many beautiful and rare animals around the globe that are worth drawing. We will do our best to make it enjoyable and high-quality. You will find new photos and interesting facts in the future. Your comments are welcome. We value your feedback and look forward to receiving any new ideas or comments.

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