Artists from 3dvkarts are Welcome to the pages of your website! We’ve made an illustration tutorial on drawing the pan.
Step 1
With a flat oval, draw out the edges of the pan.
Step 2
With a curved line, draw the bottom of the pan.
Step 3
By using a curved line, trace the edge of the pan’s bottom.
Step 4
An easy step we draw an easy handle to fasten the.
Step 5
Draw a handle that could be similar to the one we have or draw a simpler design.
Step 6
This is the final step. By using simple hatching, make shadows, as we did in this example.

This was a drawing class on drawing a cooking pan step-by-step. Remember that we don’t just have our site, but as well pages on social networks. Don’t forget to sign up for this site and also share the other drawing lessons that we have.

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