how to draw a palm tree

In our earlier tutorials, we explained the drawing process of an image of a tree We are here today to will teach you ways to draw the palm tree.

The two kinds of trees are very different in their structure, and consequently, they are depicted in different ways. In this tutorial on drawing the palm tree, we will explain the basic principles for drawing the perennial plant.


Step 1

The root of Arecaceae is by drawing two long and slightly curving lines, just as did the artists at These two lines ought to slightly move closer to the top.




Step 2

Draw the leaves now Each one consists of 2 lines. The leaf’s tips are to be angled slightly downwards similar to the artist of in the picture below.




Step 3

Based on the principles we discussed in the second stage, we will draw three additional palm leaves on top of the two previously mentioned ones.




Step 4

Let’s begin adding the appearance of our palm tree art. Start with the crown by drawing lines at the center of each leaf.




Step 5

Then, go to the trunk and draw the two coconuts beneath the leaves. Next, draw multiple lines of longitudinal which coincide with one the other.




Step 6

Create the outline of the leaves using the vast number of lines as shown in the image of the artists from below.




Step 7

Clean up all of the unneeded rules off your Arecaceae artwork, then apply the essential finishing touches. For instance, you could trace your tree’s artwork in order to create something more attractive gorgeous, and attractive.




Step 8

Now let’s paint our palm trees. Paint the trunk light brown and those of the coconuts darker brown. The leaves should be painted green. For making the palm tree design larger, draw shadows.




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