How To Draw A Palm Leaf Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

If you take a look at the palm leaf, you’ll be able to see it’s comprised of a variety of leaves that are arranged that form a huge central branch. This can cause it to become quite hard to draw!

We’re going to go pretty slow in this instructional of drawing a palm leaf. Then, we’ll break it in smaller parts.

Then, draw an extremely thin, small section with a pointed tip at an initial base for the branch.

We will then begin drawing leaves on the branch. Each leaf will be drawn using a series of circles which will create thin forms.

The spools will include a pointed apex at the bottom as illustrated in the reference image. After that, you can move on to the next step of this guide!

Step 2 – Draw more leaves
The first leaves were drawn to draw this palm leaf in the initial step Now we’ll draw the next set of leaves.

It might not be as straightforward as you think, since these cards aren’t going to be like the ones before. Instead, each leaf grows a bit longer as you progress.

The image reference will demonstrate the way it appears and you must try the best you can to replicate it, since we’re looking for an extremely specific shape overall.

There will also be a small space between each leaf as this will create one central branch. Once this drawing is completed, you’ll be in the right position for step 3!

Step 3. Draw the next portion of the leaf
You’re doing great by following this drawing an illustration of a palm leaf! In the next step you’ll draw another huge section in the leaves.

The leaves that follow will be quite large, however they’ll be a bit shorter than the earlier leaves.

The central branch should now also be a little more obvious and you can draw it by drawing lines that run down the middle.

This is all for now, and we’ll add additional images in the next stage of this tutorial.

Step 4 – Then you can add another leaf section
We’ll be adding a second huge leaf portion to your drawing of a palm leaf in the fourth stage in the instructional.

We’re nearing the point of palm leaves right now and every leaf will become a bit shorter as you move closer until the point.

As you will see in our example it will begin to swing to the left slightly, which makes the leaf appear as if it’s carrying heavier weight.

There will be only one additional area to be painted in the following step, and we’ll add additional details, or additional details in the next step, too!

The 5th step is to add your final details to the drawing of your palm leaf
You’re now ready to add the final section of our drawing an illustration of a palm leaf! This is the point of the leaf and the further it gets, the less it’ll be.

After you’ve finished this part, it will now be ready to color the last step! Before this, we’ll need to add some last details you could include to this step.

Paint the background to give a hint, or you could use the beautiful natural background for giving the image an air of relaxation. What other suggestions do you have in mind to conclude this picture?

Step 6: Finish your palm leaf drawing using the color
You are now prepared to finish this palm leaf sketch by adding some colour! Palm leaves are well-known for their deep green hue. This is the color we were looking for in our image reference.

We used a variety of hues of deep green for a beautiful appearance for this leaf, and you could follow a similar method if you like the design!

You could also choose any color you want to create the image.

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