In our previous drawing lessons, the team from taught how to draw with a pen, pen, and brush to paint. These are the essential tools that every artist should have. As a continuation of this discussion, we’d like to teach you how to create the palette to paint.

Step 1
The drawing lesson is extremely easy, and it starts very easily. The first step is will draw out the lines for the color palette.

Step 2
Let’s now expand our palette. For this, you need to add lines to the palette, like the one shown below the text.

Step 3
Now quite a difficult step. This is where we trace the paint on the wall using easy lines. Don’t try to make the lines look identical.

Step 4
The final part of the course is drawing the palette of paint. In this step, we draw shadows with the aid of dense hatching.

As you can observe, this drawing lesson was quite easy, since only a few lines were utilized in this lesson, and there were only a few specifics. However, we believe it is vital and symbolic that everyone is able to draw items such as brushes, pencils, and palettes. These are, in essence, things that aid artists to bring their imagination into action.

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