How To Draw A Pagan

How To Draw A Pagan

Step one:

We’ll start with the basic guidelines to create the form of the woman and her raven friend. This is a simple step.

Step two:

This is a breakdown of the hair step-by-step guide into two steps. The first step is to sketch her hair long, and her crown of vines and then draw the hair horns.

Step three:

Then comes the tough part is to begin to draw her body from her hand , and gradually move her down until you are at the top of her feet.

Step four:

Then, draw the initial phases of the raven. These will be the head and the wings.

Step five:

In this article, I’ve broken down four steps the steps to follow create the image of the raven. The first step is to finish the face, then move on to the wings , and finally the feet and body.

Step  six:

Then, draw the grass she will be resting on. It should be outside in nature.

Step seven:

Then, draw the sacred pentagram behind the crow the witch has cast to invoke all four spirits, gods and goddesses.

Step eight:

Then you can make her draw her crystal wand.

Step nine:

Then, draw her dress or gown.

Step ten:

Then make the zodiac’s 12 signs around the pentagram that she cast to represent all the four spirits and astrological elements that comprise the universe.

Step eleven:

After you’ve proofed your sketch, you’ll be able to create something like this. I’m sure this was a favourite lesson for me and I hope you’ll think about it too. Let me know:)

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