Today we’ll show our readers the drawing process for the OnePlus 5t. This isn’t the most well-known smartphone, but it is very well-loved in the USA as well as in a number of European countries.

Step 1
Begin by drawing an average parallelogram. You can draw it using a ruler, however, it’s more effective if you draw with your hands.

Step 2
Make the corners rounded. This aspect makes the phone’s body more appealing and ergonomic.

Step 3
With the aid of straight lines, draw the big touchscreen. Take note that the lateral lines as well as the lines from the top have different thicknesses.

Step 4
On the side of the OnePlus 5t, you can draw pair buttons.

Step 5
Utilizing pairs of light lines, create glare on the screen. Utilizing dense hatching, create shadows as we did.

We mentioned earlier in our lesson it’ll be awesome if you draw this smartphone with no use of a ruler. Therefore, we hope that this was not a difficult lesson. We will see you again on DFA!

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