How to Draw a Nutcracker For Kids

How to Draw a Nutcracker For Kids

Step one:

Create the two circles to make a small body guideline to your Nutcracker. Include the facial guidelines in the same way as the above, and proceed to step 2.

Step two:

Then, using the guidelines trace the outline of the face as well as the hat. The top of the hat must be square , like an enveloping box.

Step three:

Draw the lining on both the bottom and top on the cap. Draw the straight, bold eyebrows and draw dots in the eyes. Draw the mustache, nose and mouth. Remember to draw lines for the teeth.

Step four:

In this step , you’ll begin by drawing the shoulders, and then draw the arms, which are stiff on the sides. Then draw small , round fists. Then, finish drawing the legs.

Step five:

Then make the hair-like puffs on side of your head. Next, add the beard. Detail line for the dress, feet, and finally you can place the collar as well as the ball on high-top of the head. Make sure to erase any mistakes since you’re finished.

Step six:

Here’s the line art after you’re finished. Paint your Nutcracker with color, and put him in the Christmas decorations.

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