What is easier than learning what it takes to draw the shape of a nut? Today, we’ll show you how it’s incredibly simple, and at the same time, at the end of the lesson, you’ll receive a pretty realistic drawing of a nut.

Step 1
Draw a regular oval. Make the shape as seamless as you can.

Step 2
Then, using two straight lines, draw the sides and draw the bottom line using an angled line.

Step 3
Draw an arc in the middle of the nut as well as the edges by drawing straight lines.

Step 4
Remove all unnecessary lines Draw out the outlines of the nut as well as the thread within the hole.

Step 5
We can now add shadows using creating hatching, making sure to account for the angle of light’s impact.

We said at the start of our drawing lessons it was simple to master the art of drawing nuts. The entire process of drawing was broken down into five simple steps, with extremely simple lines. However, you might encounter problems, and if this was to happen, inform us about it.


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