In every myth and legend from different nations of the world, there are a variety of creatures and monsters. In many cultures, these creatures are extremely odd and bizarre however, in our opinion the most unique and bizarre mythical creatures are those of Japanese mythology. We will sketch one of those bizarre Japanese monsters. Let’s learn the drawing process for the nuppeppo.

Step 1
First, draw an abstract figure like in our illustration.

Step 2
With the aid of smooth lines, trace the contours of the facial features.

Step 3
Next, use the same lines, and trace the outline of the legs and arms.

Step 4
Then, use an eraser to remove all guidelines that are not needed from the nuppepo sketch.

Step 5
The final step is to complete the process to be completed – with the aid of light hatching, draw shadows.

It is evident that this lesson was incredibly easy. If you want to know how to draw other mythological characters and creatures, go to our category titled “Myths and Legends” on our website. If you do not discover what you were searching for, please inform us about it so that our artist will create a drawing class based on your need.

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