How To Draw A Nuke Step by Step || Nuclear Blast

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How To Draw Hannah Montana Step by Step

Step 1

Now, draw a large egg shape for the top of the cloud. Once you are done, draw the trunk and base shapes to look like an oval or egg.

Step 2

Next, determine the shape of the nuclear weapon’s trunk and then draw clouds that look like bubbles.

Step 3

You can begin to draw other areas of the effervescent clouds matter by moving further away from its center. You should make certain that some areas are more defined than others.

Step 4

Now you can draw the rest the nuclear cloud shape. To add depth and texture to your cloud, start at the edges.

Step 5

In the middle of your trunk, draw small clouds. After that, draw some lines along the trunk to add detail. Finally, add clouds to the base.

Step 6

Next, draw the bottom cloud. Add all details. You can erase all your mistakes and follow the principles.

Step 7

This is how your drawing will look when it’s done. You can color it or add a background.

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