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This drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw a nose using the side. This tutorial continues our tutorial drawing the nose from behind.

This drawing lesson will teach you how to draw a nose on the side. You’ll be able to draw portraits of people in profile more accurately and convincingly after learning this lesson.

It is important to remember that we are using the nose illustration in this lesson. Although people may look very different, all aspects of the human face are drawn the same.

Step 1

The first step in drawing the nose is to draw its centerline. The centerline runs through the middle of the face and divides it in half if we view the face from the front. This line is essential to draw a correct and proportionate nose.



Step 2

Now draw the outline of the nose. You can draw the nose with very simple lines. This stage is where we draw the outline of the nose as well as its borders.


Step 3

Next, draw the nose’s wing at the bottom with very thin and smooth lines. We recommend that you read our article on the anatomy of the nose for artists to draw the nose and details more accurately and convincingly.


Step 4

Let’s now draw the nose more precisely. To give the nose a more detailed look, use smooth, clean lines to draw the contours. Be sure to show all curves and contours of the bones and muscles beneath the skin.


Step 5

Take care to erase all guidelines from your nose drawing. Give your work a thorough look. If necessary, correct any errors.


Step 6

To give your nose drawing more volume, add shadows. Add hatching to the areas of your nose where the sun isn’t shining. We recommend that you read our article on shadows to get a better understanding of how shadows are formed on objects.


Step 7

Our example will help you compare your drawing of the nose. Find the smallest errors and inaccuracies, and fix them. You can make mistakes easier by looking at your drawing through the mirror or moving away from it.


We tried to show you how to draw a nose from the side using this drawing lesson.

You can reinforce the knowledge you have gained by drawing a nose from the side using the steps below.

To get different results, add shadows with different densities. Use different lighting schemes.

Next, draw a portrait. Draw a nose, all features, and every other detail.



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