We all enjoy the game Angry Birds (whose protagonists have been created by artists). Today, we decided to draw an instructional video on drawing the northern cardinal as a bird that is remarkably similar to the main character in this game.

Step 1
Our northern cardinal is similar to a sparrow and is drawn in a similar way. The first step is to draw a circle for the head, and then a cylinder for the torso.

Step 2
Then draw a beak hair tuft and a wing. Finally, draw with a tail that is long with short legs. Remember the branch where our bird is.

Step 3
By using smooth lines, we connect the forms from step one. Then, we draw the eye of a circle. Make the legs, tail, and branch more pronounced. The drawing now looks more bird-like Isn’t it?

Step 4
Let’s grab the eraser and carefully take out all the guidelines that are not needed. Then, make line drawings of northern cards smooth and dark.

Step 5
The hatching process begins with quick and powerful strokes. Also, do not forget to erase the bird’s eye, leaving the white glare.

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