In our latest step-by-step drawing tutorial, the 3DVKARTS team will teach you to learn how you can draw the North American porcupine.

Step 1
Draw the porcupine in the following manner The first step is to sketch your head as well as the torso, in the shape of two ovals.

Step 2
Then draw limbs, an ear, and a branch that is where you will find our North American porcupine sits.

Step 3
Add the mouth, ear, and eye. On the back, draw lines of spikes long. The branch should be a bit larger.

Step 4
When erasing the guidelines, carefully sketch out the specifics for the hair. Don’t forget that you draw the whiskers.

Step 5
Then, using small strokes, draw spikes onto the body. Then draw the branch out and take out all lines.

Step 6
Add a few lines of spikes, and then add shadows to make the drawing more elaborate.

The team from DFA showed you the art of drawing a North American porcupine. Then, in line with the custom, there are a couple of ideas. Long spikes appear better if you arrange them as rays which are to say starting from the roots and ending at the tip of spikes. In order to ensure that no “steps” that slightly alter the direction of strokes.


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