Dear readers, have been asking us for a long time to teach you a drawing class on the drawing process of the Nissan GT-R! If you’ve already attended our previous drawing classes, probably you have the fundamentals of drawing cars. This is what we’ll repeat during this class.
Step 1
We outline the major contours of the vehicle’s frame. Nissan GT-R. As always we must apply very smooth and light lines during the first two steps.
Step 2
In the front, we include features like a grille and headlights. Then, we draw out the wheel as well as the spoiler in the rear.
Step 3
You can now begin drawing more sharper and darker lines. Be sure to draw the headlights as well as the hood.
Step 4
We are continuing to work on the front end of the vehicle. Be careful to outline the complicated grille and all the details, like in our illustration.
Step 5
Then we get towards the very top of our Nissan GT-R drawing the roof as well as the windows’ lines along with the back-view mirror.
Step 6
We continue drawing Nissan GTR. Make a spoiler before heading to the door. Draw the lines with dark and straight lines.
Step 7
An extremely complex process in which we have to sketch the arches of our wheel, as well as those wheels. The process is made more complicated by the fact that the lines have to appear as seamless and smooth as possible.
Step 8
This is a very difficult process in which we have in drawing the rims. The rims can be drawn using our illustration or designed on your own.

This was an art class on drawing the Nissan GT-R. Drawing cars isn’t as difficult as you think The most important thing is to know the basics. In this lesson, we taught what you can draw within half an hour, and if you’re looking to know how to draw from the opposite side take a look at the lessons on drawing cars. Don’t forget to follow our social media pages and be sure to share our lessons with your fellow students.

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