If you frequently browse our website, probably you’ve already heard that our artists are avid players of video games. For these video games, there’s an entire category on our website. Apart from the characters in these games, we draw something that could be difficult in playing these video games, namely computers and consoles. We have drawn the characters from Sega, SNES and now we’ll show how to draw the drawing process for the Nintendo GameCube – a gaming console from the sixth generation.

Step 1
Nintendo GameCube is not in the least a mistake to be called that – it’s actually a cube (but to be truthful, it’s actually a parallelepiped). Therefore, in the beginning, we’ll need to draw a regular cube.

Step 2
Draw the outline of a unique gamepad. Be aware of the fact that, in spite of its peculiar form this controller from its Nintendo GameCube is quite handy.

Step 3
Draw the wire that connects the console and the controller itself. On the controller, sketch out the buttons for the sticks, the d-pad, and the other buttons.

Step 4
Moving on to the specifications of the GameCube’s design Draw the cover on the top buttons, the handle curved on the back.

Step 5
We move on through the lateral sides of the GameCube by drawing details such as the connectors that connect GameCube’s Controllers (there are four connectors in this image) and a slot for memory cards, and a cooler grille.

Step 6
Then, draw precisely the particulars of the controller. First, draw the outline of your controller Then draw the sticks, d-pads, and other unusual buttons.

Step 7
We’ve reached the last part of the instructional guide on drawing an image for a Nintendo GameCube. We need to create shadows and glare by using hatching.

It is possible that this article won’t be very well-known, as the console itself, unfortunately, didn’t have a lot of sales. But that’s not really important because we love games. If you enjoy playing games you should share this information and join our social media networks.

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