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How to Draw a Ninja

Warriors of the Middle Ages is an intriguing subject. Out of all warriors from that time Ninjas are thought to be one of the more mysterious, and risky. This is why we are going to demonstrate how to draw the Ninja. Let’s begin!


Step 1

The first step is to draw how our bodies will look. The stickman drawing method will assist us in this. This is a tiny stickman and figure with rounded edges that illustrates the major proportions of our ninja his posture and his position on paper.

Character growth equals the length of 6.5 seven heads. The chest should be bigger over the pelvis. Hands should be lowered towards the lower part which is the lower part of your pelvis.




Step 2

Let’s get a bit of work done with the trunk and the head. Connect the chest and head by using a cylinder that is short and strong to create the neck. Then, create an oblique line that runs from the bottom of your neck up to the shoulders. Then, we join the pelvis and the chest using curves.

Don’t forget to draw two lines that intersect on the back of your warrior. The line that intersects these lines is located at the top, closest to the edge to left.




Step 3

We will focus on the lines drawn in the initial step and then draw the contours of the limbs in a volumetric way. It looks like cylinders dotted with huge charms. Then we complete the feet and hands that we didn’t outline in the beginning.




Step 4

We were truly fortunate. We sketch an assassin from the past who covers his face. This means that we do not have to draw hair or facial features. We draw a tiny wide part of the face as well as an eye that is frowning.




Step 5

We will now sketch the design of the hood. The upper portion of the hood runs parallel to the head’s circuit. The lower portion of the hood is more expansive than the neck’s circuit. neck. Just below your head, you will see an elongated collar.




Step 6

We continue to refine the outline of our ninja outfits. Here we present a larger collar, which resembles the “Y” letter. We will outline the contours of a high belt.




Step 7

As we go, we’ll continue the step-by-step guide to drawing the Ninja. In this section, we’ll use our hands as warriors. It is easy to see the broad sleeves that narrow sharply in the upper part of your forearm. We designate the fingers by drawing straight lines that are inserted into the lines of the fists.




Step 8

The shape of ninja pants is a fascinating topic. Its fabric is more expansive than the leg contours which we traced in the initial steps. In the upper third of the lower legs, there is an abrupt slimming.




Step 9

After we’ve made the basic outline of the ninja’s body, we can proceed to the specifics. Like always, we’ll shift between head and foot. So, we now remove all lines that are not needed from the face of our warrior and draw clearly and confidently the lines that will be drawn in the end.

Remember the fabric folds on the hood and mask that our assassin wears.




Step 10

This is the simplest stage of the entire course in reality. We will now take off the lines of the trunk, and draw out the collar’s contours.




Step 11

The previous step is repeated but this time in the region that is the arm of our warrior. We show thick ribbons on the forearms. padding on our fists as well as the folds in the fabric. Make sure the fabric that covers the shoulders is wider that the curves on the arms.




Step 12

We make a circle around the legs and belts of our ninja using thick smooth strokes. Remove any lines that are not needed from these areas and then apply folding lines on the cloth.




Step 13

Have you ever seen multi-colored Ninjas? It is believed that this was featured in a Hollywood film in the 90s in the beginning. In reality, ninjas must be disguised and hidden. They are wearing black clothing. We should also choose a dark gray shade. The black color is supposed to indicate folds on clothing.




The article was about drawing the Ninja. We are aware that the warriors of medieval times are loved by artists. On our website, drawing lessons on other medieval warriors are sure to be posted. Meanwhile, you can draw the warriors from comic books. For example, we have instructions on drawing Batman.

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