In this drawing tutorial, we will teach how to draw what to draw in a ninja star which is also known as shuriken. In this drawing tutorial, we will teach you ways to draw the ninja which is also known as shuriken. It is, as you may know, a Japanese missile weapon that is concealed carry. Shurikens like these and Ninja characters are often encountered in many films about Samurai and ninjas.

Step 1
Begin by drawing some lines that cross. Six lines were drawn, however, you could draw any other number.

Step 2
At the ends of the lines, draw Arrows like in our illustration.

Step 3.
Connect these arrows to each with angular or curly lines, as we did in our illustration.

Step 4
Eliminate all rules and create an indentation in the center of the Ninja Star.

Step 5
Draw the lines of sharpening on the edges of our shuriken.

Step 6
And you can now add shades to help make your shuriken appear bigger.

The tutorial on drawing a ninja star or drawing a shuriken has ended. If you are a fan of Japanese weapons, then check out our tutorial on drawing the Katana. Make sure to explore our site to find other things that you love. If you can’t find what you’re is you are looking for, then note which drawing lesson you’d prefer to have on our site.

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