How To Draw A Night Sky -

How To Draw A Night Sky

How To Draw A Night Sky

Since time immemorial, night time and the night skies have had a profound impact on human culture. While the darkness of night can bring forth a sense of danger and predatory nature, starlit skies are beautiful and only accessible at night.

Many cultures gave meanings to constellations (or stars) that could be seen in night sky.

Norse mythology believed that night was made deified by Nott, the goddess who rode a black horse and was ridden by a rider. According to folklore, night is the time when ghosts, goblins and vampires roam.

The stars of the sky in Genesis are used in the Bible to illustrate a promise Abraham made.

Night time is still a powerful metaphor in the recent past. Night is a symbol of Elie Wiesel’s autobiographical account about the Holocaust, a genocide committed against Jews during World War II.

Starry skies can also be used to symbolize the idea of space exploration. They are lent to adventure and courage and facing the unknown.

Do you want to draw a nighttime scene? This tutorial will show you how to draw a night sky. A sheet of paper, a pencil and a good eraser are all you need. To bring your final drawing to life, you may use colored pencils, markers or paints.

This tutorial was enjoyed by many. You can also see the following drawing guides.

How To Draw A Night Sky Step-By-Step

1st Step:

Draw the tree line. This is a shadowy, darkened area created by trees that are backlit by the night sky. For a more detailed, flowing line on your page, connect your lines with curved lines.

How To Draw A Night Sky

2nd Step:

Draw a crescent Moon in the sky. Two curved lines of the shape “C” should be used, one bigger than the other. The lines should meet at sharp points on both ends, and the crescent shape will be enclosed by them.

How To Draw A Night Sky

3rd Step:

Draw a cloud in your sky. You can do this by using curved lines of different lengths to enclose an irregular figure. The cloud appears to be flatter at the bottom and fluffier at the top.

How To Draw A Night Sky

4th Step:

Draw a cloud behind your moon. To enclose the shape, you can use curved lines of different lengths.

How To Draw A Night Sky

5th Step:

Another cloud can be drawn. To enclose an irregular form, use connected, curved lines.

How To Draw A Night Sky

6th Step:

To enclose an irregular cloud, draw another one using connected curves.

How To Draw A Night Sky

7th Step:

Draw stars in the night sky. To draw a star, you can use ten straight lines to wrap the five arms.

How To Draw A Night Sky

8th Step:

Additional stars can be drawn. The four-pointed star is another way to draw a Star. The star’s bottom arm is noticeably longer than the rest.

How To Draw A Night Sky

9th Step:

You can draw more clouds by using curved lines. You can add more stars to your night sky if you wish.

How To Draw A Night Sky

10th Step:

Color your night sky.

How To Draw A Night Sky


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