In the past in the mid-80s gamers were going through extremely hard times. it was known as”the video game crash. The subject we’ll draw today brought hope to the gaming industry and gave it a new lease of life. it. We’ll begin our tutorial on drawing the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Step 1
First, we sketch the simplest flat rectangle. It is the upper portion on the back of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Step 2
A second step is quite simple we can sketch the bottom of the body of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Step 3
This part is a bit more challenging. We will need to draw all the lines and buttons on the body NES.

Step 4
Then we draw the fundamental outline of the legendary controller, which is an oval shape and a thick, long wire.

Step 5
Let’s sketch out the famous D-Pad, two circles, two buttons that start and select buttons, and some lines drawn on the controls.

Step 6
Eliminate all unnecessary guidelines and employ the hatching process of various intensities to draw shadows as illustrated in our illustration.

Nintendo Entertainment System – a classic representation of the objects that were popular in the eighties, and comprises mainly straight lines. To draw straight lines, without an instrument, you must have an adequate ability to draw. If you’re really keen to master drawing one of the top gaming consoles of the nineties, then check out this lesson on drawing a SNES. You can also check out our lesson on Nintendo’s primary competitor from the nineties – Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive). If you are a fan of electronics, check out our category named “Electronics”, where you will find an array of lessons on different electronic gadgets.


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