How to Draw a Neko Girl

How to Draw a Neko Girl

Step one:

Draw two guides: that one to guide the head, and another one for the body. Draw the guidelines for the face too.

Step two:

Then use the head guide to begin drawing the face of Your Neko persona or character. Begin by drawing the eyes that have a lot of anime eyes. Once you’ve got that done, put on a tiny nose and the mouth, as well as the contour that her facial features.

Step three:

Next you can draw the short hairstyle. Then, draw in the larger ears. Don’t forget to draw in the brows as well.

Step four:

The next step is to take on the shoulders, neck the jingle bell, and finally the cuffs that form the collar of her sweater.

Step five:

Finally, draw the remainder of her torso, followed by the arm and tail lines. Eliminate any mistakes and you’re done.

Step six:

All done. Then color in the details of your Neko girl.

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