How to Draw a Neem Tree Step by Step -

How to Draw a Neem Tree Step by Step

How to Draw a Neem Tree Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by-step drawing guide that follows

Step 1:

To begin, draw an outline of the tree’s trunk. Make a straight upward line, with an extremely tiny gap towards the lower part. Draw a second line a couple of spaces from your previous line. There is an extra space in the middle and a bigger line just over it.

Step 2:

Then sketch the root. Draw a few tiny Wavy lines across the entire direction starting from the bottom.

Step 3:

Then trace the branches. From the little space created on the left-hand side of your trunk create two lines, slightly apart. Draw two lines that are slightly separated from the tiny gap to the left of your trunk. However, keep them straight. From the space that is just above make two equally spaced oblique lines on the right. To the right of the top of the trunk Draw the two lines equally running straight upwards. On the left-hand side draw a line that is slightly diagonal followed by another one connecting to the bottom of the line you traced. Draw the small “V” in the middle on top of both diagonal lines that you have drawn.

Step 4:

Draw the outline of your leaves. Make small humps in circles around the bottom of your leaves. Create the height you desire.

Step 5:

End by drawing the leaves. Along the entire length of the tree’s outline, trace a thin line that has three slanted, ovals that go to one side and three more ovals that slant on the opposite side.

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