The artists from have created many diverse drawing lessons for different types of vegetables and fruits. For this particular lesson, we’ll explore this fascinating topic and teach our viewers the art of drawing the peach – – a fruit that actually is the smoothest peach.

Step 1
The majority of our drawing lessons for fruit start using a basic circle and the lesson on nectarine is no different. Draw a circle using thin lines.

Step 2
Let’s draw appear more like the shape of a peach to do this, we’ll draw an extended, slightly curled line that runs from the top to the bottom.

Step 3
Continue with the drawing lesson on drawing the nectarine. In this easy step, you simply draw a stem of nectarine.

Step 4
To make the look of our nectarine rich, we’ll create shadows. Using dense hatching creates shadows over the surface as well as the shadows cast on the underside of the fruit.

If you are a fan of drawing still-lifes, the instruction on drawing the nectarine is a great one for you. It is possible to draw the fruit not just as an individual picture but also in conjunction with other fruits, like apple, pear, or apple.


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