We have created a brand new drawing tutorial based on Warhammer 40 000. Today, we’ll show how to draw a Necron. the drawing process of the character of a Necron.

Step 1
The first step is drawing an illustration of a stickman. The stickman is the kind that looks like the armored man who wears a stick. We need to draw a stickman that is slim and hunched form. Sketch the contours of a neck and spine. On this line, sketch out the pelvis and chest. Utilizing simple lines, draw the legs and arms.

Step 2
Let’s give a bit of “flesh” to the body of our Necron. On the head, we draw those lines that define the symmetry which must cross at the center of the head.

Step 3 In this phase, we draw the head, not with the features of the face of Necron. Begin by drawing the cheeks and eyes. Additionally, we draw armor for the shoulders and the torso. Make sure to sketch the contours of the gun.

Step 4
Let’s begin working on specifics. It is common to begin adding details beginning with the eyes and ending at the feet and this drawing lesson will not be an exception. Start by drawing little eyes that are angry. Then draw the facial features that resemble the skull.


Step 5
In this stage, we’ll draw the body, and the shoulders cover the armor. It appears like broad, solid plates. Three plates are placed on the abdomen and chest area, and the third plate is placed on each shoulder. Eliminate all guidelines that are not needed and include a short neckline as shown in our illustration.

Step 6
It’s quite an arduous step. In keeping with these lines, we slowly trace the contours of the arms. Then, draw the hands which will hold your gun. Take away any unnecessary guidelines and then move the gun towards the legs.

Step 7
Let’s move on to the armor of Necron. Draw the outline of the forearm and shoulder of the mechanic. Next, draw hands that are clenched in fists. In this stage, we draw a massive heavy gun. Do not be rude to me. I’m sure we don’t know what the name of the gun is. If you do know the name then please put the name in a comment. Also, do not forget to remove any unnecessary lines from the earlier steps.

Step 8
We have to complete a step to use shadows. We will be using a realistic design of shadows. So first, we must identify the source of the light. Then, using light hatching or crosshatching, draw shadows to areas in which light isn’t falling.

We are extremely happy that our lessons can help you draw the most popular model in Warhammer 40 000. Also, we’ll be satisfied if you join our social media channels and then share our lessons with your fellow gamers.

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