Hello dear readers! Are you aware of what is the Nasua? It is a small animal that has a lot of similarities to the rodent. Therefore, with fewer words, but more actions Let’s begin with the instruction on drawing a Nasua.

Step 1
In the beginning, we draw the head using the shape of an oval. Then, draw the torso using two ovals. By using simple lines, draw the neck, paws and spine, and long tail.

Step 2
Connect all of them using simple and light lines. Sketch out an extended nose and increase the thickness of the tail and paws.

Step 3
Now, let’s get to the details, starting at the top of the head. Take out all lines that are unnecessary and draw an extended muzzle, eyes, and ears of our Nasua.

Step 4
Continue the line from the head, which runs through the body, and finally on to the tail. Be aware that the lines of the body should be smooth.

Step 5
Then, using an eraser, eliminate all unwanted lines on the body of our animal. Then trace the very fluffy, paws.

Step 6
The hatching process begins and we go in a left-to-right direction that will make the drawing larger. This is how we are able to create a clever and gorgeous creature.

The class on drawing and out was over. If you like this odd animal, check out the videos on the octopus as well as muskox.

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