On our website, there is a category where you will find a large number of drawing lessons on the most interesting and diverse characters.
We publish on our site well-known characters, like the Harpy or Minotaur as well as less-known ones like Herne or the Hunter and Scylla. For the lesson on drawing the mythical Knight Girl, Our team made a decision to create a collective picture of a mythical figure which you might encounter in many books and games of the RPG genre.

Step 1
Always first sketch the structure of the character. You can observe this is a very normal skull. In many of our human anatomy lessons were drew Skeletons. When drawing, make sure not to put too much pressure on the pencil because, in the future, we’ll have to erase this stickman.

Step 2
In this sketch, we draw two lines on the head. they’ll aid in drawing the specifics on the facial features. After that, we can include the volume of the skull. Also, use very thin lines during this stage. Utilize simple geometric shapes and extremely fluid lines. The design should be elegant. Try to duplicate the outline and then follow our illustration.

Step 3
In this phase, we’ll be adding the most basic elements to the appearance of the mythical girl knight to make her cease to appear like a man-like model.

Step 4
Let’s now focus on the details of our fairytale knight drawing. We’ll begin at the top of the head. Begin by taking your time to sketch the outline of your eyes. Then, draw a neat nose, and a slightly smiley mouth. Then, draw the outline for the facial features, the pointed ears, and hair that is long. Don’t forget to take out excessive lines from the face.

Step 5
The next step is to draw the body of the mythical princess knight. With dark lines and smooth lines, carefully sketch out the curvatures of the body. Next, draw the specifics of the dress on the chest, and then remove any unnecessary lines.

Step 6
Let’s now move on to the arms. Take care to draw the shoulders with armor. Next, draw the thin arm of the mythical princess knight. We decided not to put too many armors around the body. However, you are able to complete the figure into the armor.

Step 7
Begin below and draw the legs of the character using straight lines. The next step is to sketch long shoes and clothing elements like in the example. Eliminate all lines that are unnecessary to the body.

Step 8
The process of drawing p is quite challenging as we draw wings. They are large and contain a lot of lines. Make sure that the lines are thin and long enough to provide the wings with a little more lightness.

Step 9
Our drawing lessons are nearly completed, all we need to do is to add a few shadows in order to increase the size of our drawing. As we’ve already discussed in a number of our classes, shadows are drawn with patterns of various intensities. The intensity will be determined by the density of the shadow.

In this lesson on the fantasy character, we demonstrated the image as a group. If you’re looking to draw another similar character you can apply the techniques learned in this lesson.


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