In the previous drawing lessons, the world is full of diverse myths and legends that provide the most varied mythical creatures and monsters. We’ve drawn many various monsters and creatures, and we’re not planning to stop. This lesson will give you the whole picture and will show you drawing an imaginary creature.

Step 1
We chose that we would draw an animal sporting wings with two tails instead legs. Therefore, we sketch the basic human skull (such we sketched throughout our studies about humans) However, instead of legs, sketch sharply curved lines, which will later be two tails.

Step 2
Then, using basic geometric shapes, sketch out the body shape and arms. Then, sketch out two long and thick tails as well as two large wings to the rear. This is a truly unique animal Isn’t it?

Step 3
Draw out the eyes carefully and frown eyebrows. Then, draw out the nose with a pointed point and a mouth that is half-open with sharp teeth. Draw out the form of cheekbones, and wrinkles, and eliminate any unnecessary guidelines off the face.

Step 4
In this stage, we complete drawing the hair of the mythical beast. Draw the hair gently. Then, draw a huge beard, like in our illustration. Be sure to eliminate any unnecessary guidelines from your head.

Step 5
Then we’ll take a step lower and begin drawing the specifics of the human torso of the mythical creature. Draw the pectoral muscles’ large size as well as the outline of the torso, and the abdominal muscles.

Step 6
Let’s begin to work on the arms. Based on the tradition of all creatures of mythology stories, myths, and mythology, humans must have strong and large arm muscles. Therefore, draw the outline of the muscles as well as the large palms in the example.

Step 7
Let’s now look at the lower portion of the body. In this case, we’ll draw two tails that are situated on the spot in which the legs are supposed to be. For this, you need to use long, smooth, and curly lines.

Step 8

This step is the final drawing of the body of the character However, it does not conclude the discussion about the creature of myth. This is where we draw the wings of the character. For drawing feather lines like in our illustration, draw lengthy lines and light ones.

Step 9
We will now draw shadows. Shadows are created in a more realistic fashion. To create these shadows, make use of dense hatching. Also, you can draw shadows that are dark and contrast similar to the ones we show in our drawing lessons on comic books.

In this lesson, we sketched the collective image of a mythical creature in order that using the ideas from the lesson you can draw the characters you would like to. Remember that we consider your ideas, so you can write us the subjects of your new lessons on our social networks.

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