How To Draw A Mustang Horse Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Start with boxes and ovals to make the muzzle. You can also add your location line too.

Step 2

Make two circular shapes. This is for both rear and front legs. Include a small circular area at the top for eyes.

Step 3

Include a neck on your horse. Draw a line on your front leg. You can add a stomach as well! Make sure that you keep your lines aligned with the place they should be.

Step 4

Start to shape the back and front legs. Include some additional details to this work. It should be muscular in order to give your horse a bit of flexibility. A more detailed face design as well as drawing the ear.

Step 5

Attach those nails to your feet. Incorporate some muscle in these regions. The body of a mustang is well built and well-toned. Make sure that your mustache doesn’t look effortless without making it appear authentic. Be sure to keep realism in mind in order to make sure that your viewers be glued to your artwork.

Step 6

Make sure you draw curly lines for your hair. You must have a hair and a ponytail! Don’t forget to put on the ponytail.

Step 7

Start by building the mane. Create a wavy look to match the running direction. It is not possible to have straight hair even when the wind blows! It’s going to look uncomfortable! Nearly done, but wait!

Step 8

Wow! You’re done with the Mustang horse. How simple is that? Look at your art work and be satisfied with your work. You are able to color your artwork any color that you like! Enjoy yourself and be inventive. I’m looking forward to seeing your creations!

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