how to draw a mustache

We believe every artist should be able to draw a mustache, hair, and other details about the human body. This tutorial is the simplest from the Basic category of Even the most inexperienced artists will be able to handle it and learn how to draw a mustache.

You can use either a pencil with paper or a graphic tablet to start the drawing process. Once everything is complete, scroll down to the next page for instructions on how to draw mustaches.


Step 1

First, draw the guidelines to help you draw a mustache. The mustache’s sides are indicated by the left and right lines, while the middle is the center.




Step 2

Now, draw the upper mustache using the guidelines you have seen in the first stage. This part of your face can take many forms so you can modify it slightly.



Step 3

The bottom of your mustache should now be depicted in the shape of a furry letter “W”. This will give the hair the most authentic look.



Step 4

Let’s now make our mustache drawings more beautiful and complete. Armed with an eraser, remove all auxiliary lines from the preparatory phase. You can make your mustache drawing more visually appealing by using a dark pencil or ink.



Step 5

Different people have different mustaches. The mustache was painted light brown by us, but it is possible to use any color such as gray, red, or black.



Five stages were required to complete the tutorial on drawing a mustache. team believes it was easy. Are you feeling the same? We value your opinions. We read all comments and reply to as many as possible.

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